Hanny-d Creations was formed not only from a passion for handmade clothing and accessories, but also a burning desire to see changes in attitude towards sustainability in the fashion industry. Hanny Dewar, the label’s creative force, has been an avid recycler all her life. She discovered the joys of op-shopping at an early age and still loves trolling through charity stores to find treasures.

The deliberate sourcing of both new and pre-loved media used in the one-off pieces Hanny-d produces sets the label apart from other designers. Hanny believes nothing should go to waste if it can be re-used, re-fashioned or re-worked into something new and unique.

Hanny-d’s garments are generally simple yet classic in design, with many vintage and retro-inspired styles. Taking the view “more is less”, Hanny avoids overloading designs with a lot of adornments, preferring to leave trend-following to others but offering unique pieces that are often a little quirky. The end result is a one-off creation with a character and style of its own, not to mention something of a conversation piece in many cases.

Hanny Dewar has been sewing most of her life, designing her first outfit at the age of 16. Initially, she made clothes for family and friends and in the early 1980s decided to get some formal training at Canberra TAFE, now known as Canberra Institute of Technology. Subsequently, a sound grounding in garment construction and pattern designing has provided Hanny with skills that many young designers would envy today.

Hanny-d Creations has been operating since 2009. The label has presented collections at various fashion events including the Re-LOVED CREATIONS brand parades in 2009 and 2010. In May 2014 Hanny-d presented a vibrant collection at FASHFEST CANBERRA, and in January 2015 at RAW Canberra Presents “Visionary”.

Clients can expect high quality garments that are made to fit well and to last. A custom made-to-measure service is also available.

Whilst the majority of business is by word of mouth, Hanny-d Creations attends various markets in the Canberra/ACT region. These include Three Sixty Fashion Market, Hustle&Scout Twighlight Fashion Market and Old Bus Depot Market, as well as some eco-friendly/sustainable markets. As part of the sustainability movement, Hanny-d continues to be a regular contributor to various fund raiser at the Canberra Conservation Council.